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No two people or families are the same and neither are their financial issues. People fall behind on their taxes for different reasons and, as such, they eliminate their debt using a variety of methods.

Just because your neighbor or friend eliminated their debt by qualifying for a certain program doesn’t mean you can too. Your situation may be entirely different.

You, like most normal individuals probably don’t know how to discern between all of your different financial options. You probably don’t know whether you’re likely to qualify for an offer in compromise or whether you should set up installation agreements. The terms offer in compromise, innocent spouse support, tax lien, bank levy, wage garnishments, installation agreements, penalty abatement and business tax debt are more than likely foreign to you. And that’s okay!

There’s no need for you to be an expert on tax issues, even if you do currently owe the IRS some money. Sometimes the smartest and most beneficial steps you can take are to seek help from experts. If you contact our tax debt relief firm in Jacksonville, Florida, we can walk you through all of your options and, ultimately, choose the best one for you.

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How We Can Help

Our firm has dedicated years to building relationships within the IRS and by now we know the ins and outs of the entire system. We put our expertise to use by advocating on your behalf to the IRS, coming up with concise conclusions, and helping you drastically reduce your debt.

By examining your financial situation we can determine what tax reduction and tax elimination programs you may qualify for. You may be a perfect match for one program or you may simultaneously be able to qualify for more than one program.

Once we have accessed your situation, we will concisely explain all of your options to you and we will help you complete all of the necessary steps. We will assist you in filling out paperwork, understanding legal and financial terminology, and communicating with the IRS.

Work With Experienced Tax Attorneys

Best Rated Tax Debt Relief Company in Jacksonville

One of the main reasons our firm in Jacksonville is so successful is that we have an extraordinary support staff. Our firm is comprised of an exceptionally experienced and talented team of attorneys, CPAs, consultants, and registered agents. Equipped with different skillsets, every member of our team uses their unique expertise to best serve you. Overall, we provide a well-rounded service for all of our customers.

On top of our skills, we are an extremely sociable and friendly firm. We understand that this is a really stressful time in your life and don’t want to do anything to exacerbate you stress. Instead we will do everything in our power to make this process as simple and as straightforward as possible. More than anything, we want you to feel comfortable with us and with the people you will be working with at the IRS.

If you opt to work with our tax debt relief firm in Jacksonville, we can erase your worries as well as your debt. We are, without a doubt, the best firm to trust and rely on in the state of Florida.

Don’t Believe Us? Do Your Research

It’s completely understandable if you don’t believe everything we tell you. These days, it’s incredible smart to be practical rather than gullible. Our firm completely understands if you want to do your own research into tax debt relief firms in the Jacksonville area. After all, the tax relief industry has its fair share of scammers and deceivers – all of whom are just trying to make a quick buck.

As a thoughtful and astute customer, you should want to complete thorough research before you commit to any firm. You should do your own research on verified third party sites like BBB, Trust Pilot and Trust Link. On these sites you should take note of what kinds of reviews, praises, complaints and issues that past clients have had with the different companies in your area. Similarly, you should see if you have any friends who are willing to give you a referral.

Our firm is confident enough in its reputation to encourage you to make your own independent decisions. We know that the research will should that our firm is highly regarded and widely trusted.

Currently, we proudly have an A+ rating with the BBB and over 196 positive customer ratings. More than anything, we are proud to brag that we have helped thousands of good citizens in the last few years escape debt and restart life with a clean slate.

Know Your Options

Our tax debt relief firm provides all of the standard services, as well as some specialized services. We offer willing to do everything from helping you apply for an offer in compromise, to setting up your installation agreements, to filling your back taxes, to helping you qualify for innocent spouse relief.

You may know exactly what services you need from us and you may have no idea where to start. Either way, you can call us today to set up a free one-on-one consultation. We’ll be more than willing to explain all of our programs and services to you.

Yet if you’re impatient, we’ve offered you a quick primer on some of our most popular programs and services.

Negotiate An Offer In Compromise

Jacksonville OIC Agreement Negotiations

For a select number of indebted individuals, the IRS is willing to negotiate compromise agreements. These agreements are referred to as an Offer in Compromise and they are the most effective way to eliminate your tax debt. Receiving an Offer in Compromise basically means that you are unable to pay back the amount of money you owe in a reasonable amount of time and, as a result, some of your debt will be forgiven.
Very few individuals qualify for this program. Yet if you do, however, you’re very lucky. Qualification is based on a number of factors including on your gross monthly income, regular expenses, amount owed, and interest rates.

Clients in in this program routinely save 90%-95% on the amount they owe. This will give them, and possibly you, the freedom they need to start fresh in life without the massive burden of debt hanging over their heads. Above all others, our firm has the best chances of getting you accepted into this program.

Our attorneys have years of experience in dealing with and getting our clients into the Offer in Compromise program. We know the right statutes, limitations, thresholds, exclusions and exemptions to navigate through the complex bureaucracy of the IRS. Or, in other words, we get results. Let our counsel and practiced expertise work in your favor to reduce you debt to the IRS.

Establish Installment Agreements

Getting an Installment Agreement in Jacksonville

As stated above, very few people actually qualify for the Offer in Compromise program. Yet, even if you don’t, there are still a number of programs available to you. One such program, while allows you to establish an Installment Agreement, allows you to pay back your outstanding balance over a set period of time.

Through this program you would be able to make payments in increments, as opposed to paying off your debt all at once. Lots of Florida residents are currently finding relief through this program. Installment Agreements allow you to shed some of your stress. You won’t have to worry about affording to pay off both your normal living expenses and your tax debt simultaneously. Instead an Installment Agreement will just add a payment to your monthly expenses, leaving you with enough disposable income at the end of the month for you be able to make other payments and retain some disposable income.

Remove Wage Garnishments

Garnishing Wages in Jacksonville FL

A Wage Garnishment is a fee or ‘garnish’ taken out of your paycheck. If you are significantly behind on your payments, the IRS has the authority to approach your employers and claim up to 25% of your monthly paycheck.

Wage Garnishments can have a drastic impact on your life and they are a good enough reason alone for you to seek out the services of our firm. Not only can they drastically reduce your monthly disposable income, but they can also adversely affect your relationship with your employers.

Regardless of your current financial situation and what other programs you qualify for, our firm can help get any Wage Garnishment placed on your paycheck quickly removed.

Remove Penalties and Interest Charges

Getting Rid of IRS Penalties in Jacksonville Florida

More than likely if you owe back taxes to the IRS, then you also probably owe interest charges and penalties. Even though the additional fees you owe may seem small at first, these charges can add up and multiply overtime. Eventually you can end up owing multiple times what you originally did.

Our firm can get your penalty charges removed both quickly and effectively. By using a Penalty Abatement negotiation we can reduce the amount you owe significantly.

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Our firm proudly serves hundreds of individuals in the Jacksonville area. We are committed to our jobs and we can, without a doubt, help you.

Regardless of your issues, we have the abilities and expertise to help you. Call us today to set a free one-on-one consultation. Invest in our firm and we will help you to forge your path to financial freedom.

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