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Do you live in Orlando, FL? Do you owe so much that you can’t figure out how to get out of debt? Are you in perpetual fear of the IRS? Then, you will also have to pay a higher amount to the federal government in terms of tax. Maybe you even owe some to the state of Florida as well. In fact, ‘The City Beautiful’ has lost its appeal to you entirely. What you need, is an experienced tax lawyer to negotiate on your behalf with the IRS and the state of Florida. With the help of an experienced tax lawyer, you will be able to get the relief that you deserve, and then you can continue to smile like you once did.

We are an experienced team of tax professionals comprising of attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and registered tax agents. Give us a call today and take advantage of our free consultation service. We have been able to help many of our clients to negotiate in their tax and back tax debts. We have even helped some of our clients to save up to ninety-five percent (95 %) of the total amount owed. Yes! Whooping ninety-five percent! To be very clear, this means that clients who owed a hundred thousand Dollars in Tax and back tax debts ($ 100, 000) eventually got to pay just five thousand Dollars ($ 5,000) and their debts were cleared. Relax and read on, we will get to explaining how but you must remember to call us as a matter of urgency. You cannot continue to suffer when help is readily available.

Our Orlando attorney’s number is (305) 767-2201. Give us a call and we can discuss the various ways suitable for your certain problems and also offer help on any relief that will best work for you. From experience, we have discovered that clients pay visits to a tax attorney when they need help on the following issues:

Wage garnishment
Bank levy
Tax liens
Tax notices
Revenue officers showing up at their door steps requesting that they pay what they owe in tax and back tax debts.

We have helped so many clients with these issues and more. We have also assisted many into tax relief programs that are suitable for them. You will never know there may be relief program(s) that you are eligible for. Even, the IRS will never tell you about them.

Give our office a call now!

Letters and Notices

Tax notices can be difficult to understand but the world we live in, never accepts ignorance in any form of defense, so you should have to immediately consult with an experienced tax lawyer who will explain how you are required to respond against it. IRS or other tax bodies usually send notices to let you know you owe in addition to taxes, or when there is a big refund due. They may also send notices when there are questions to be asked concerning your task return or when they need you to provide some more information. Whatever be the reason for them to send a notice, you will be required to take some specific actions- those actions which are required to be taken at the first place.

We can help you out in this regard. Not only will we help you understand the notice, but we will also help you through the actions that need to be taken. We will be assisting you in every step throughout the process.

Choose an Experienced Tax Lawyer

As it has been said earlier, the first step out of your debts is to hire not just any tax lawyer, but an experienced one. This task, however, can be overwhelming, considering that there are thousands of scam out there presenting themselves as the experienced tax lawyers that you need.

These scams make lofty promises that bother everyone being entitled to an offer in compromise (a form of tax relief to be discussed later). They work in an unprofessional manner as they do not provide proper consultation that will enable them appreciate your specific financial need. Such grand promises made by these scams cannot be kept in anyway; they are only interested in having your hard earned money at all cost. Run away from them.

Now, you will ask how you can get a genuine and experienced tax lawyer to hire since you need one badly. Simple, check reviews. Third party reviews will be handy in your search for an experienced tax lawyer. You can easily read those reviews on different platforms such as places like iVouch and Trust pilot. You can as well check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings of firm(s).

We have helped several clients with their tax issues and testimonies abound to that regard. Just because of this reason, we have a stellar BBB rating of A+. So, you will be in good hands and will be receiving desired results within a short time period.

How to Negotiate an Offer in Compromise

This is a kind of relief that encouraged most of the people and allowed them to save an important part of their money. We have managed to comfort our clients in the best possible manner and become successful in helping them to save up to 95 %. However, only a small proportion of tax payers can take advantage of this due to strict regulations. You will never know or evaluate your eligibility instead you will only qualify, especially if you have been through hard times or suffered some emergencies (hurricane, fire, medical emergencies, etc.). if you have confusions about this matter, give us a call today and take advantage of our free consultation service.

Removing Wage Garnishments

The government has the right to mandate your employer to make regular deductions from your earnings. Such deductions will be used to settle your debts in tax, back tax and penalties. The situation will become worse when you are left with nothing to take care of your living expenses. We can help you get garnishment lifted and also negotiate a suitable payment plan for you.

Setting Up an Installment Agreement

This plan is about installment agreement, where you can actually decide how much you can afford to pay on a regular basis until your tax debt is totally paid. Several people are considering to choose this option and you can do the same. Should this be the best relief for you? We can help you to find a suitable plan with the IRS and with the state of Florida as the case may be.

Innocent Spouse Relief Program

Many couples file for joint tax return due to the advantages such return offers. In this case, both partners are liable directly and jointly for the tax along with dues that may be encountered as the result of such joint return. In case of divorce, the conditions of this joint return still hold true for both partners. This means that, even though they are divorced, a partner is still yoked with the other in terms of tax liabilities. Penalties for one become penalties for the other. Interest for one will be applied to the applied as well. These conditions will continue until one of the partners file for innocent spouse relief. However, this is not without meeting certain conditions. Call us today to find out if you are entitled for this type of relief and if you are, we can initiate the procedure and solve your problems. You can eventually be free from tax liabilities that you do not deserve.

Business Taxes and Issues

The tax debts on your business may be too high nevertheless; you don’t have to ignore them. To ignore them is to make them worse. The challenge here is that the IRS is empowered to take possession of the properties belonging to the business and even your personal properties, depending on the type and level of business you operate. They maintain possession of such properties till you are able to pay your business tax debts. These properties include but are not limited to your houses, cars, lands, and even your bank accounts. In extreme cases, they may have to sell these properties to pay for the debts.

Whatever course of action has been taken by the IRS, you will always be left at a disadvantage and may even spell the end of your business. So, you have to act fast.

The secret of winning the battle lies in fierce negotiations. Such negotiations often require a professional appearance which our experienced team of tax professionals can put up for you.

We are the most efficient and reliable tax solutions with a team of professionals who possess decades of experience in tax and tax related issues. Our years of negotiations with the IRS have given us an advantageous position where, we can resolve any tax issue you may have. We have put smiles on several faces and helped several businesses gain back their feet. So, why should you wait? Give us a call today and we can help you regain your spring of delight. Then with your fears allayed, you can take pleasure again in the beautiful and pleasant things that Orlando has to offer.

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How do I settle my tax debt for less?

An offer in compromise lets you settle your tax debt for less than the total amount you owe. In the event you can't pay your tax liability that is total it may be a valid option, or doing so creates a financial hardship. IRS consider your unique group of conditions and facts: Skill to pay; Income; Expenses; and Asset equity in Florida. They usually approve an offer in compromise when the sum offered symbolizes the most they are able to expect to collect within a reasonable period of time. Before submitting an offer in compromise, investigate all other payment options.

What Do Tax Lawyers Do for You?

Tax lawyers in the Orlando area allow you to solve your tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service simply because they specialize in the minutiae of the Internal Revenue Service tax code. They offer advice on complex legal issues, especially in the areas of estate planning, trusts, tax disputes, and business tax law. Lawyers are powerful negotiators who examine case facts in light of the law and develop arguments that best support a desirable position. The court system can be used by them in ways that provide leverage in resolving tax cases.

What should I Do if the IRS Rejects my Offer in Compromise?

In case the IRS rejects your offer in compromise, you should put the following documentation in position and be prepared to make an application for an appeal regarding the offer in compromise: The 30-day letter rejecting the OIC; Worksheets that came with the rejection letter; Form 656, Offer in Compromise. Form 433-A, Collection Income Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals that you submitted to the IRS with your Form 656, Offer in Compromise. You must take note that throughout the self help tool, where a Form 433-A or 433-B is mentioned, the Form 433-A (OIC) and 433-B (OIC) may also be utilized.

How Can I Get My Tax Debt Forgiven?

This is the process the IRS uses to freeze the collection account. The agency discontinues in order to provide you with time to get back on your feet financially, any attempts to enforce collection. While it is not a permanent fix to your Florida tax issue, it does help significantly by ceasing property seizures and wage levies, bank levies. To get uncollectible status, you must file a financial statement on Form 433A for people, and Form 433B for businesses. The financial statement reveals the IRS that all of the cash you make is needed to provide necessary living expenses for your family.

Does Tax Debt Affect My Credit Score?

If you make an application for a personal loan to insure a larger-than-expected tax bill, your own monthly payment record as well as the amount of the loan will soon be noted in your credit reports. As well as the loan application itself will count as an inquiry into your credit and this can reduce your credit score a little bit, though the fall is temporary. Should you should apply for a personal loan in Orlando to cover a tax bill, begin by obtaining a free look at your credit strengths and weaknesses using a Credit History Card. Minimize loan applications by finding out a lender's minimum credit score requirements in advance. Pick a creditor in Florida with credit conditions that match your credit score.

Should I Sign the Power of Attorney Form when Hiring a Tax Lawyer?

When hiring a tax lawyer, it is best that you sign the power of attorney form. The reason behind this is since in the event you sign a power of attorney, your lawyer has the capacity to speak with the IRS so you do not have to. This can go quite a distance in reducing a number of the pressure that's been put on you. The last thing you want is to wind up in prison in Orlando and/or be slapped with large fines. Your tax attorney is able to help lower your fee, while you might not manage to avoid all difficulty.

Does a Tax Attorney Need a CPA?

Tax attorneys specialize in the minutiae of the IRS tax code. They provide guidance on complicated legal problems, particularly in the areas of estate planning, trusts, tax disputes, and company tax law. Attorneys are strong negotiators who analyze case facts in light of the law and construct arguments which best support a desired position. The court system can be used by them in ways that offer leverage in resolving tax cases in Florida. Some tax lawyers help prepare your tax returns for a premium; however, tax lawyers aren't accountants and are scarcely involved in filing taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, they might want a CPA when maximizing deductions and planning for future tax years.

What Should I Prepare for a Meeting with my Tax Lawyer?

When planning to meet your tax attorney, there are some things which you need to prepare. While you shouldn't be expected to haul in the contents of your whole home office, a reputable preparer should insist that you provide your forms W-2, 1099, 1098 and other verification of income and expenses in order to prepare a proper return. You should not use a preparer willing to e file your return only by using a pay stub (that is against IRS rules). You need to supply comprehensive advice about your fiscal situation on IRS Form 433-A, Collection Information Statement. This includes info that is verifiable regarding your cash, property in Orlando, investments, accessible credit, assets, income, and debt. Along with property, the RCP also comprises your anticipated future income.

How Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt?

By asking for additional time to pay, you can remove your Tax Debt. You can request to pay what you owe. Pay by credit card or debit card. You may have a credit card that offers a lower rate, perhaps even a zero percent teaser rate for a year. The IRA shuffle: You can not borrow from your IRA, but did you know that if you wish to transfer the funds from one account to another, you have 60 days? In effect, this is the same as a 60 day loan.

How Much Can My Tax Debt Be Reduced?

Depending on your individual situation, you can anticipate to reduce your tax debt by anywhere from 25% to 80% and beyond. When you have faced significant financial hardship in Orlando, like job loss, medical emergency, or something different, you can qualify for some plans which may dramatically lower your debt. But should you do not, just by removing the IRS fees and interest fees, you can readily get 25% to 40% off of the sum you owe.